Steel Building Accessories

Every pre-engineered building can be completely customized to meet both aesthetic and functional needs. Here are some of ideas as you start to plan your steel building purchase from FMP Steel Buildings.

Walk_Door20 gauge all steel commercial grade with framed opening kits, pre-hung door leafs and all hardware (door knob, door sweep, locks, hinges, weather strip and fasteners). Our walk in doors are made specifically to flash into the high rib sheeting of a pre-engineered all steel building.

3070(3’w x 7’h), 4070(4’w x 7’h) or 6070(6’w x 7’h double door) all can come solid or with glass cut outs. Also available in insulated or non-insulated.

windows-horzCommercial grade aluminum frames with framed opening kit, screens, locks and all attaching hardware. Our windows are made specifically to flash into the high rib sheeting of a pre-engineered all steel building and can be field located during assembly in any location of the building.
3030(3’w x 3’h), 4030(4’w x 3’h), 6030(6’w x 3’h) others available upon request. You may request double pane or single panel
sky_lightsReinforced polycarbonate with screws and sealants. You can use a 10’8” skylight in one place or cut in half and use 2-5’4”. Great for areas where there is no power and extra light is needed. For average lighting you would use one 10’8″ skylight in each bay on each side of the ridge.
3’x10’8” or 3’x5’4” Insulated and non-insulated available
ridge-ventVents come with dampers to open and close as well as interior gutter systems to keep rain from coming in the building through the vent.

Typically made of 20 gauge to 26 gauge metal depending on which product and all are commercial, industrial quality. These will dramatically reduce excessive heat build up as well as condensation and dripping.

9″x10′ Ridge Vent w/damper available in non color Galvalume or white.
20” round vents or spinning turbin vents also available

insulation_rollExtremely important in any steel sheeted building to avoid excessive heat build up and/or dripping caused from condensation. The insulation will also improve the comfort level and reduce outside noises.
The lamination process of adding reinforced vinyl to the fiberglass is specifically designed for metal buildings and meets 100% of the required R-Values. Fiberglass is the most well known and most common type of insulation.
2” VR (R-7)
3” VR (R-10)
3.5″ VR (R-11)
4” VR (R-13)
6” VR (R-19)
We can do a combination of all of these to meet much higher R-Values. There are what is called “radiant” insulations available but they have not been certified by NAIMA (North American Insulation Manufacturers Association). Most R value claims are not valid.
GuttersThe size of the gutters will be based on the area of the Country and the rain density as well as the size of the building.

Gutters and downspouts can be colored to your choice.

These are typically used so water will not run down the side of your building and cause separation in the soil and new concrete.

They also keep the walls looking clean with no water streaks.

CupolaThese are used primarily for appearance and you will see them quite often on horse barns and riding arenas.
3’ x 3’
4’ x 4’
This is an inexpensive way to get a more appealing look over the standard non-color galvalume roofs. Color roofs are typically used on high roof pitches where the roof is obviously exposed and in areas where looks are of a high priority.
standing roof combinedThe standing seam metal roof is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in roofing technology in the last 25 years. It fulfills the building owner’s need for durable, puncture-resistant protection against the weather, while working in conjunction with the forces of nature.

Unlike flat built -up roofs or standard overlapping roof systems, which can sometimes require maintenance, the standing seam metal roof will offer 20 years and beyond of trouble-free performance with little or no maintenance time or expense.

The standing seam metal roof assures adequate drainage from rain and snow, effectively solving problems such as leaking.

Once again this is a system used on homes, churches, offices or any type of custom projects.

GuttersUsed quite often in residential areas as well as when a building is being used for a business for a more appealing appearance.

Makes for good protection for the public to stand under so they are out of the weather and keeps the windows and walls much cleaner.

Also, multiple colors available to allow for striking building features.

Liner_panelThese are panels used on the interior walls or the roof.

They protect the interior of the building and insulation against damage from welding, forklifts, cattle and any other harsh working conditions.

Base trim is optional.

WainscotIt allows you to make the bottom 3’ or 4’ of the building a different color than the upper part of the walls.

It will give the building a custom 2 tone look.

Very common in residential areas and when the building is being used for business for a more professional look.