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Within this section, you’ll find information on pricing, cost benefits of steel buildings, sales traps to avoid in the steel building industry, Frequently Asked Questions, as well as tips of how to compare bids “apples to apples.”

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10 Tips to Compare Bids Accurately

When inquiring for a quote on a steel or metal building, it is important that you are comparing your quotes accurately to make sure you are both getting what it is that you want and need, and that you aren’t setting yourself up for hidden charges by missing key components in the early stages of your bidding process.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled the top questions we receive from customers as they learn about the steel building purchase and building process. We are happy to answer your questions.

Call us at 1-888-627-0988. Once you have decided on the building size and price with your sales assistant, the steps are as follows:
– Sign and date the order form, comments page and terms and conditions
– Fill in the sketch for door and window locations.
– Send in a 30% deposit to order the building to get your custom engineering started.
2-5 weeks depending on how complex the building design is. The simple box buildings take 2-3 weeks and complex jobs 3-5 weeks.
Typically, it takes 6-10 weeks for delivery, though we do have select building that can be delivered within 3 weeks. More complex jobs take 8-10 weeks.
This is required to be handled by the customer or his contractor. Steel building manufacturers that ship nation wide do not carry off loading equipment on the trucks. You can rent a forklift from a local rental store.
We have multiple factories across the country and it will be shipped from the closest facility.
Every city, county and state can have its own regulations for permitting. Please contact your building department.
Foundation designs are not typically provided by the steel building manufacturer as a standard. As a standard we do provide all the anchor bolt plans, column locations and reactions for the local concrete guy to use to get a foundation design done if it is required. Not all areas require an engineer-certified foundation design. They are not provided as a standard, but we can get one for a customer for an additional charge.
We will design, engineer and stamp certify the building to meet the local building codes anywhere in the U.S. You should contact your local building department to verify necessary codes and ask these questions: What is the required building code, what is the ROOF snow load, what is the wind speed (mph), what is the wind exposure?
Yes, we can provide erection services in all areas of the U.S. and in Colorado we partner with FMP Construction to provide General Contracting services for the entire job.
We have a copy of all plans in house and we can assist via telephone or email to help answer any questions. You will be assigned a professional project manager to assist.
All buildings have a “Lifetime Engineering Certification” which means, whatever snow load and wind loads the buildings are designed for, they are warrantied to with stand those loads for a lifetime (based on proper erection). Paint warranties are typically 20-25 years with options of 30 years. There is no true 40 year or 50 year paint warranty so if someone is making these claims they are NOT being truthful. Please call us for details regarding our warranty.