Barndominium (Mixed-Use)

Elizabeth, Colorado

Barndominium (Mixed-Use)

Elizabeth, Colorado

This barndominium combines a personal home alongside a business enterprise. It redefines mixed-use real estate in a rural environment. The barndominium has become quite popular across the US.

On this property, the residential area is 2,400 square feet and the shop is 4,800 square feet. This leaves ample room for both family and business, while, ensuring that the two do not overlap too much.

Now that the primary structure is complete both on the interior and exterior, the next step is to add finish. The owner is framing the interior with wood. The property will ultimately feature a nice lawn, two decks and a driveway.

This building is a great example of multi-functionality. It also showcases the cost effectiveness of a pre-engineered metal building. It features all the comforts and every day amenities. Yet, by choosing a steel building they have opted to pay a fraction of the price of conventional building materials, such as brick, wood, etc.
The labor to erect this barndominium is far less than conventional construction and it can be erected in half the time.

This building will be able to withstand the harsh winds, heavy snow and hail storms found in Eastern Colorado. It will able be able to hold up with the activities of a family with children and pets as well as an indoor shop.

If you have a barndominium in your future, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can help by either selling you a pre-fabricated steel building to meet your specifications. Or we can help with the entire design-build, depending on your location and the size of the project.



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