Can Your Pre-Fabricated Metal Building Be Custom Designed? The Answer is “Absolutely”!

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We recently received the following question, and it reminded us that there may be room for clarification when it comes to the customization of pre-fabricated steel and metal buildings.

“I like that you mention the durability of metal buildings. I’ve been wanting to get an external building and I think metal could be a good cost effective option. While I don’t think I would want one that’s pre-made, a customized metal building could be a great way to fulfill my needs as well as to ensure it doesn’t wear out or break very easily.” ~Tyler M.

He’s absolutely right about the durability of metal buildings. He also on track with an understanding that metal buildings are a cost effective solution for new construction.

As for his desire to have a customized building, that’s easily done. Our team at FMP Steel Builds & Construction can guide you through the process. We’re partnered with ZP Architects and Engineers so you can have professional guidance in designing your dream building and making sure it meets local codes. Once the building is delivered, you are welcome to erect it yourself, or you can hire erector services. FMP Steel Buildings & Construction can also offer complete end to end design-build for our clients in Colorado and select projects in the Southwest region.

To further clarify, custom and pre-fabricated (or pre-engineered) are not mutually exclusive terms. Custom happens in the design phase of the project. Many clients have simple design in mind so they don’t need to have an architect or engineer. Others have interior electrical, mechanical and plumbing needs that require professional planning. A few have ideas for a building that need specialized design from the start.

In conventional on-site construction, everything required for construction is transported individually to the building site; bricks, lumber, cement, roofing, sheathing, etc. The building is then assembled from these materials. Our pre-engineered metal buildings are factory cut according to your design and specific construction needs and ready to assemble when they arrive. With-prefabricated construction, only the foundation is typically constructed on-site.

When it comes time to plan your steel building, select your building size, colors, door placements, windows, overhangs and more. If you have custom needs, architectures, engineers and erector services or construction professionals can help. Pre-engineered buildings are done through the following methods;

· Primary Framing

· Roof panels (roofing system in
vertical rib or classic roof)

· Wall panels (classic, reverse, accent or liner)

· Structural sub-systems

· Accessories and sundries

Once the design is confirmed, the order is sent to our manufacturing plant where they custom cut and prepare the building materials to meet the specifications. These sub-assemblies are then transported to the construction site lifted into place by a fork lift and assembled into a complete structure.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are based on the premise that building costs can be reduced and time can be saved if similar construction tasks can be grouped together and that assembly line techniques can be used. The pre-engineered building construction process seeks to avoid the need to regularly transport so many workers to a site and to avoid other pains often found in site building construction such as lack of power, lack of water, exposure to bad weather or to work area hazardous conditions.

The benefits that our prefabricated metal building systems offer make them hard to resist. Once erected, the interior aesthetics can be just as high-end as the exterior as a result of the money saved on construction by choosing a prefab steel building. If you are in need of a building, whether it is a commercial building or a municipal facility, steel buildings can offer the best solution for your construction needs. We collaborate with our clients through the entire construction design and selection process to ensure the delivery and completion of a finished structure.