Brewery, Distillery & Winery Buildings

Colorado is known the world over as a hot spot for beer. Breweries are a natural part of the landscape. Distilleries and wineries are proudly pushing the boundaries for what it means to craft liquor and wine locally.

Whether you are moving out of an existing facility or starting your endeavor, new construction can provide you with the greatest ability to plan for quality and efficiency. FMP Steel Buildings & Construction has the necessary skills and expertise to build your brewery to meet your needs!

Pre-engineered steel buildings are the perfect choice for a brewing facility because you can get very wide open spans with no columns to work around. You will have the reliability ability of steel instead of traditional wood construction that can deteriorate over time. Steel also offers greater climate control than wood, especially when considering the temperature swings needed during the brewing process.

Our Aim

We are here to work with you to make the process both simple and cost effective for you. Our building materials are thoroughly tested to provide protection and safety in all conditions.

How Can We Help?

Bring your ideas, and we can help. We have the expertise to help you design and build the building that will give you the most value for your money. We can offer customized looks to go along with the traditional steel frame to give your building great curb appeal too!

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